The primary objective of our office is to ensure the financial performance and sustainability of the Institute and to ensure good governance and financial business practice is in place. In doing so, we aim to provide excellent service & support to our staff and students.

Please visit our contacts here if you have a question and we will endeavour to assist you.



  1. What is the University's VAT Number

  2. I forgot my Agresso Password

  3. Where can I get my P60 ?

  4. How do I claim for reimbursement of travel expenses or sundry payments ?

  5. How often are expenses paid ?

  6. For what types of expenditure is it not necessary to write a requisition?

  7. What is Prompt Payment Interest and how can it be avoided?

  8. How do I request access to Finance systems ?

  9. Will my payroll payment date change with MTU ?

  10. Has MTU a Registered Charity Number ?

  11. What is MTU's legal status or 'company registration'

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