Travel & Expenses

Cost incurred by staff (and in some instances students) on official  business are either paid or reimbursed by the University, provided that the costs are eligible and approved by the appropriate budget holder or manager.

These include motor allowances where necessary, subsistence allowances for absences longer than 5, 10 and 24 hours hours depending on the distance from work and refunds for vouched/receipted expenditure, including parking fees, books etc.

The policy and procedures set out who needs to approve your expenses and what expenses are eligible.  If however you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance of any purchase or travel to verify.



All domestic travel must be submitted online using Core Portal.  Foreign travel should be submitted on Form T01 in advance, to allow for ETR booking to be authorised.  For foreign travel all flights must be book via the ETR online booking tool.



Student regsitered for Core Portal (ie. those that receive a recurring payment via payroll or scholarships) shoud following the same process as staff.  Student that are claiming expense on a one-off or irregular basis will not have a Core Portal account and should submit Travel Claims on Form T01 and Refunds on Form T02.   Once approved, these should be sent to for processing.


The following sections are of relevance to staffa dn students if you need to claims expenses

Queries to Vincent or Zuzana at


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