Externs & Guest Lecturers

People engaged by the University are generally paid via our payroll system to ensure correct tax treatment of their claim.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Visiting Lecturers
  • Interview Panel Member
  • Music Grade Examiners
  • Review Panel Member


From 1st March 2022, all such claims are made using the External Claimant Form (T20) follwing the the engagement.  Claims should be submitted to the HR Office within a month of the enagement.  

The requirement for Contracts of Enagement prepared in advance are no longer required where there are two or less enagements per academic year AND the total amount is less than €3,000.

Where there are more than two enagement in the year OR the amount exceed €3,000 you will need to contact the HR Office well in advance, to deterime how the contract can be processed.


You should be aware of the following:

Legal Right to Work in Ireland

Anyone that is paid via the Unviersity's payroll  must have a legal right to work in Ireland, even if the work is carried out remotely.

Persons that are NOT citizerns and resident in an EU Member State, the EEA (Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein), the UK or Switzerland, may need permission to work in Ireland. In most cases, this means they will have to apply for an employment permit.



All paymens to external claimants paid via the payroll (irrespective of amount) are subject to income taxes (PAYE), leveis (USC) and socal insurance (PRSI).  Associated travel expense reimbursements, where allowable, are usually not subject to taxes.


Guest Speaker & Visting Lecturers

Guest Speakers & Visiting Lecturers are one-off enagaments, and are additional to the normal timetabled delvier for ther respectvie programme.  Delivery of timetabled hours on programmes must be via the normal receruitment proceedures.  i.e. Casual Part-time Lecturer etc and are paid on teh appropiate offical pay scale



Claim from should be submitted to:

Queries shoudl be directed to:



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