The Finance Office support all staff of the Institute, though procurement, supplier payments, payroll, expense processing, event booking, budgeting, reporting, and support for research grants and capital projects.
The most common services are:

IT Systems

Staff have access to a number of IT Systems which can be access directly from the home page, or are now linked on the left-hand side menu from relevant pages.   The main systems are:


Agresso Web

This is used by budget holders to approve Invoices and check orders and budgets.  There is a limited reporting function available to Research and Innovation Centres.  This can also be used by technical staff to update the fixed asset register.  This system is scheduled for an upgrade in 2018 which will increase its web based functionality.
If you get locked out of your account or forget your password, please contact and they will reset your password for you.



Acti-time is used primarily by research staff to record hours against projects and report on same.  Matching costs made up of hours spent on projects by other staff are also recorded on the system.
There is a forgot password link on this systems logon page, however if you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact the staff in the Research Accounting Office and this will assist you.


Core Self Service

Core Self Service available to all staff, via the HR Office.  It can be used to view your employee record, view and print payslips and P60's, view expense payments and applying for internal vacancies.
This system is managed by the HR Office and queries, should be directed to Des Carroll



The Electronic Travel Request (ETR) is a system provided by our Travel Agent and allows for booking of flights, accommodation, ferries, international and nation rail travel, car hire etc.  Booking details and confirmation are sent direct to the booker, and all cost are invoiced directly to the Institute.  Use of the system is mandatory for all flight bookings, other bookings are optional, but reduce the need for staff to have the cash flow to fund work related trips.   This system is currently being updated and will include a new more streamlined user interface. It is expected that this will be rolled out in late 2017.


Event Booking

The Event booking system allows staff to provide a booking and online payment page for any CIT event, including conferences, concert, student payments towards field trips etc.  It allows for ticketing of free events as well as paid events and multiple ticket options can be added for any event.  The system was updated during the Summer of 2017 and can now collect additional data for each ticket issued.  For event organisers, the system allow to view online payments, view and extract attendance lists and details.  All payments are credited to the cost centre, departments or project code.




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