Resource Planning

2020-21 Audit Timetable:

Similar to previous years, the 2020/21 Resource Planner audit will take place in semester two with one audit visit per Department.  The following are the important dates:

  • 01 Feb 2021 Open Audit Calendar

(audit visits can be scheduled between Monday 8th March and Friday 29th March)

  • 01 Mar 2021 Run Audit Reports
  • Reports will be issued to Heads of Department  from the 1st March

These reports can be reviewed prior to the audit visit and if numerous changes are required to the recorded data, a revised report can be requested.  This revised report request must be received a week in advance of the scheduled audit visit.

  • 08 Mar 2021 Audits Commence
  • 29 Mar 2021 End of Audit

The Auditor will issue a report to each department following their audit visit for review.  A Draft Final report for the Institute will then be issued.  The Final report will be updated to take account of any changes required as a result of the timetable check with the two staff from each department and for Term 3 Apprentices.  The auditor will also be checking (a) workload allowance and buy-out approvals and (b) part-time hours claims.  To this end the Auditor has requested that I remind you that all workload allowances and buy-outs should have a signed approval as per the policy detailed below.

The Auditor for 2020/21 is Mr Don Crowley.

Workload Allowances/Research Buy-out Approvals Policy:

Prior to the entry of workload allowances or research buy-outs, approval and signed forms (by both Head of Department and Head of School) must be submitted to the Finance Office (Joanne Gallagher) for budget check. 
After budget check and sign off from relevant budget holder, the workload allowance will be entered on the system.

These forms need to be submitted once the workload allowance/secondment/research buyout is identified and at the latest, prior to 01 Mar 2021 to ensure inclusion in audit reports and pay costs are transferred from the department if required.

The full process is detailed in the attached policy document and the workload allowance hours buy-out form is attached also.

If a research buyout is identified, it is critical that the research hours are entered on the Actitime system by the relevant staff member when they occur to ensure that the cost for the research buyout is included in self-financing/research project funding submissions.
Late submission of Actitime hours for research projects has resulted in costs been unable to be transferred to research projects due to the project closure/funding submission completion occurring prior to entry of Actitime hours.

2020/21 Support Team – Resource Allocation Analysts :

Changes to the team have been made in 2020/21 and Niall Marshall has now joined the Resource Allocation Team to support Heads of Departments in this area with Kieran Hallahan. 

• Faculty of Engineering & Science:              Niall Marshall
• Faculty of Business & Humanities:            Kieran Hallahan
• National Maritime College of Science:     Kieran Hallahan

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Resource Allocation Analyst assigned to your area.

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