Staff are paid on either a weekly or monthly payroll.

Weekly payroll is paid every Thursday by EFT into your nominated bank account.

Monthly payroll is paid on the last banking day of each month, with the exception of December, when it can be earlier depending on holiday arrangements.



Payslips are no longer printed for staff and are available online via the Core Self Service system.  



P60’s are no longer required from the employer since 2019 as part of teh PAYE modernisation prgramme. They are now available on an employee’s own Account on Revenue. 

Your can log onto your own revenue Revenue Acocunt  at the link below and retrieve your 'Employment Detail Summary' which has replaced the P60. 


Salary Certificate / Statements of Income

If you require a salary certificate or certified statement of income for applying for a loan/mortgage or other reason, please contact the Payroll Office directly and they can usually provide them on the same day or next day.  Please ensure that if there is a particular form or information required that you bring these instructions with you to ensure that the correct details are included.

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