Monthly Cut-off Dates (PT Lecturing Hours)

The following are the closing dates for the acceptance of approved claims from hourly paid staff for the monthly payroll for 2020/21

Please note that the completed Parttime Hours Claims Form  should be received in HR by 1pm on the following dates.


Hours worked to:      Last date for Submission (1pm) Due for Payment

Fri 28/08/2020

Mon 31/08/2020

September 2020

Fri 25/09/2020

Mon 28/09/2020

October 2020

Fri 30/10/2020

Mon 02/11/2020

November 2020

Fri 20/11/2020

Mon 23/11/2020

December 2020

Fri 18/12/2020

Thurs 04/01/2021

January 2021

Fri 29/01/2021

Mon 01/02/2021

February 2021

Fri 28/02/2021

Mon 01/03/2021

March 2021

Fri 26/03/2021

Tues 29/03/2021

April 2021

Fri  30/04/2021

Tues 04/05/2021

May 2021

Fri 28/05/2021

Tues 31/05/2021

June 2021

Fri 25/06/2021

Mon 28/06/2021

July 2021

Fri 30/07/2021

Tues 03/08/2021

August 2021


Please note:

  • It is essential that you claim for hours taught on a regular basis according to the above dates.
  • All timesheets must be signed by your head of Department before being passed through for payment.  Failure to do this will result in a delay in payment.
  • Any claims received after the dates will not be processed for payment until the following month.
  • On the current version of the Parttime Hours Claim Form (see link below) will be processed for payment.  Any claims forms received in older versions will be returned unprocessed.

Queries to:  Joan Murphy HR  Ext 5369  


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