A full list of all active tenders with apprvoed suppliers is available on Agresso on teh requistioning Workspace.



Infromation on how to raise a requistion is available here

Purchase Order Requirement

In general all goods and service procured by the unviersty require a purchase order.  All goods and services provided to the university must reference  a valid purchase order  (not a requisition number). All invoices received without a valid purchase order will be returned unpaid to the supplier. The following services are the only exceptions that do not require a purchase order (if unsure, please contact the Purchasing Office)


  • Membership / Licence / Subscription
  • Buses
  • Taxis
  • Labour Costs e.g. Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Miscellaneous- Once Off orders
  • Utilities
  • Tourism Dept
  • Project Transfers
  • Club Travel
  • Hospitality (not including hotel reservations for guests)
  • Inter Company  - Subsidiaries (Services provided by Blackrock Castle or The Rubicon Centre)
  • Courier Services (DHL, Fedex, UPS)
  • Phototcopier – Meter Reading
  • Tickets / Conference Costs

Conference Fees

If you have a conference fee to be paid in advance, that will be linked to a travel claim.  The invoice or details of the fee must be accompanied by your signed Leave of Absence Form and sent to the Expenses Office who will arrange payments of same.


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