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All domestic travel and refund claims for Travel & Reimbursed Expenses shold be submited online via the Expesnes Module in Core Portal (see link below).   If you have not used the system before, or use it infrequently, some step by step guides are included here to help you though the process.


How it works

  • Staff member pre-approves travel or expenses with their manager - there is no longer a form for this *
  • Staff Member inputs expenses though Core Portal after the trip and attached receipts etc.
  • Their Leave and Expense Approver (usually their Manager) approves the claim
  • The Expense office reviews the claims for compliance with our Policy & Procedures
  • The claim is sent forward for payment.

* For foreign trips require apprvoal using Form T01

Staff will be notified only where their Manager or the Expense Office returns their claim.  This may be because it was not approved, but usually it is to make a correction or provide additional information.


Foreign Travel

Foreign trips require pre-approval from the Expenses Office.  The Expense office will require this before confirming flight bookings or accomomndation via the ETR.  We would ask that the trip is submitted in advance and approved by your manager.  Please use Form T01


Get Started !


Training Material


User Feedback from Pilot Project

Our pilot project highlighted some common issues.  

  • Attaching receipts Unfortunately, the system only allows one scanned document to be attached to each expense line on your claim.  Where a second document is added it overwrites the first.  The recommendation is that were there is more than one document, then they are scanned into a single file (say using Word) for uploading, or where it can be split, then two expense line are added to the claim.
  • Dates & Times.  Dates and times need only be filled on the line of your claims that relates to subsistence.  They are used for the auto generation of subsistence function, but are not mandatory for every line on an expense claims.
  • Claim Description.  The claim description feeds through form Core to Agresso and the more detail on this the better.  Descriptions such as ‘refund’ or ‘travel claim’ should be avoided and descriptions such as ‘Refund for Ink Cartridges & Postage’  or ‘Project Meeting with Joe Bloggs in Wexford’ provide more detail and ultimately are more useful when reviewing expenditure or submitting financial reports or claims on projects.
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