Checking a Returned or Rejected Claim Reason

1 - Reviewing a Rejected Claim

If there is any issue with your expense claim, then your will receive an email notification and should log on to view the expense claim for the reason - usually this is a request for additional information, to update or correct claims or to add a missing receipt.  

Approvers (including the Expense Office) cannot modify or add receipts to your claim, this must be done by the person making the claim. They will reject it and must write in a reason why, so you know what to do.

  • In the Expense Module, Select 'ACTIONS'
  • Choose 'Manage All Reports' to see all of your claims and their status



Your most recent claim will be on top.

  • The status will say 'REJECTED' and will usually have the some text shown underneath
  • Click the Ellipses (3 dots) next to the claim to view reject reason whihc will state what you need to do
  • To modify or update the claim select View/Update 


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