Subsistence Rates

Staff that are required to travel on official business are reimbursed out of pocket expenses up to certain limits.  For trips away from your normal place of work, standard subsistence allowances are payable for 5 hours, 10 hours and overnight (24 hours) trips.  This negates the need to provide meal and accommodation receipts, unless specifically required.  You should check the rates for the county and city you are planning to travel to in advance.

Prior apprvoal by your Head of Department or Manager (as appropriate) including the estimated cost of the trip beforehand is required.  For foreign travel only Form T01 should  be approved in advance before confiming any flight or accomodation bookings requested via the ETR system.  

Your expense claims should be submitted online via Core Portal payment within one month of travel. Foreign Claims should be submitted on form T01 alos within one month of travel.


Domestic Subsistence

The qualifying distance for overnight rates is 100kms. If you are required to stay overnight between 50km and 100km from home or work please contact the Expesnes Office in advance to determine if an exception can be applied. 



  • Hotel receipt for B&B to max of €147.00* plus          € 39.08
  • Reduced Rate (after 14 consecutive nights)               €132.30
  • Day Time Rate - Over 10 Hours                                     € 39.08
  • Day Time Rate - Over 5 Hours                                       € 16.29

*For staff staying overnight in Dublin the cost of vouched accommodation to a maximum of €147.00 (hotel receipt for Bed & Breakfast) plus a 10 hour rate applies. Please note a credit/debit card receipt is not sufficient by itself. Where  receipts are not provided the total that can be claimed is the standard overnight rate only (€147.00)


All Other Places 

  • Overnight Rate - Period of 24 Hours                        € 147.00
  • Reduced Rate (after 14 consecutive nights)            € 132.30
  • Day Time Rate - Over 10 Hours                                   € 39.08
  • Day Time Rate - Over 5 Hours                                     € 16.29

(Day Time Rate from 1st July 2019 to 30th November 2021 were: Over 10 Hours €36.97 and Over 5 Hours €15.41)

Reference: Circular 23-2021 (DPE126/005/2015)
Effective Date: 1st December 2021


Foreign Subsistence

There are differnet subsistence rates for each country and for cities and places within those countries.  The most common countries for travel including all EU countries are included below for ease of reference.  If the country you are travelling to is not included on this list, please check the full list of foreign subsistence rates or contact the Expenses Office.  In many instances the rate will be accommodation only  or bed and breakfast plus an amount in local currency. You have the option of booking your hotel via the ETR and have it invoiced directly to the Institute or paying it yourself, however a receipt will be required. 


  EU Countries

  Austria   Belgium   Bulgaria


  Czech Republic
  Denmark   Estonia   Finland
  France   Germany   Greece
  Hungary   Italy   Latvia
  Lithuania   Luxembourg   Malta
  Poland   Portugal   Romania
  Slovakia   Slovenia   Spain
  Sweden   The Netherlands   Ireland 


Other Countries

  Canada   China   Iceland
  India   Japan   Malaysia
  Norway   Russia   Saudi Arabia
  South Africa   Switzerland   Thailand
  United Arab Emirates  United Kingdom           USA        


Reference: Circular 07/2017 (DPE126/008/2015)
Effective Date: 1st April 2017


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