Staff Refunds

Staff occasionally need to purchase items, generally of low value that cannot be easily obtained via the Purchasing system.  Examples include small materials for class work or projects, online purchases such as an event bookings or items not available elsewhere.  In order to be reimbursed for such expenditure, you should submit an online expense claim via Core Poral and upload a copy of the receipt* showing the items purchased.  

Student Refunds

Students not registerted for use of Core Portal should complete the Refund Form (T02 below), attached the receipt* and have the claims signed by your Head of Department or Budget Holder and sunmit it to the Expenses Office.

It should be noted that items that could have been procured via the the purchasing systems, or items not compliant with the Travel & Expenses Policy will not be refunded.  The Expenses Office facilitates booking of online conference and event fees etc.  If you are unsure or the items are not of low value, please check with the Expenses Office in advance.  This will ensure that your refund will be processed and paid quickly once submitted.

* Note that a credit or debit card receeipt is not sufficent by itself. 

Conference / Seminar / Event Fees

The Expenses Office facilitates booking of online conference and event fees.  Please ensure that you have all the correct details and where the event involves travel, that you have have an email  confirming approval to travel to the event from your Head of Department/Manager prioir to contacting the Expenses Office

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