“Office Depot” were awarded the stationery contract by the OGP (Office of Government Procurement) for all public bodies in  the Munster Region on 01/07/17 until 31/12/18 (with an option to extend for 6 months at the end of this period)

Office Depot” have now  provided a new product list which is a spreadsheet of over 3,000 stationery items with new codes. If you find the description of the item/items you wish to order from this spreadsheet list are vague; then items can be viewed by inputting these new codes via the website link to their online catalogue, which provides imaging and full descriptions of all items that appear on the spreadsheet list.


  • Username: VIEWALL
  • Password: viewonly

The spreadsheet must be used as the first point of reference, when sourcing stationery items; and the only deviation accepted when ordering from the “Office Depot” list will be either the following:

  • If the item you are looking for is not supplied by Office Depot or/and
  • If the item/items  you wish to order have been purchased from Office Depot before but quality was unsatisfactory

Queries to Catherine Cunningham  Ext 5033

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