Workload Allowances & Buyout of Hours

Workload Allowances & Buyout of Hours

09 August, 2017

The 2016/17 audit of academic year via Resource Planner (undertaken by Don Crowley) was very complementary and very few issues were raised. We are currently implementing the recommendations.

Changes for 2017/18

One common action relates to our management of workload allowances and buy-out of hours and the changes are outlined below:


(a) All workload allowances and buy-outs need to be approved in advance

(b) The maximum period for any approval in one year (i.e. they need to be renewed annually if applicable)

(c) Allowances are only available for agreed scheme (a list is now included on the form)

(d) The Finance Office will check that funds are available for requested buyouts and the workload allowances are within budget.

To facilitate this change all current workload allowances and buy-out’s of hours have been removed from teh system and need to to be approved for 2017/18.

The revised form (H07.2)  has been made available in Excel and has been simplified.

Further information is available here.


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