Updated Purchasing Policy & Procedure

Updated Purchasing Policy & Procedure

31 August, 2017

The Institutes Purchasing Policy & Procedures have been updated from 1st September 2017.  The main chnages are as follows:


Changes to limits

  • Goods and Services up to €5k now only reuire a single quotation (previously this was 2k)
  • Goods and Services up to €10k now need 3 quotations (previuous this was 5 quotations)
  • All Goods and Services with a lifetime cost likely to exceed €25k will need to be advertised on e-tenders
  • All Works contracts over €50k will need to be advertised on e-tedners. (previously €25k)

This should reduce the need to get muliple quotations for lower value items and should reduce the amount of administration required.

It is impoartant to note that requisitions and orders cannot be split to bring them under the quotation or tedner limits as our external audit applies retrospectively to the actual cost paid to supplied for goods and services. 

For advice please contact the Purchaseing Office at Ext 5033


Business Case

Buinsess cases are now required for:

  • Any project with a,ifetime cost in excess fo €25k
  • Any proposed staffing changes with a finance impact
  • Capital expenditure to caputure full projects costs and benefits

More infromation is available here



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