Revised Domestic Subsistence Rates July 2015

Revised Domestic Subsistence Rates July 2015

25 May, 2015

Copy of Email to All Staff

A number of changes to domestic subsistence rates will apply from 1st July 2015. These include the qualifying distances, rates and categories as follows:

  • The current 'A' & 'B' rates are being abolished and a single rate will apply to all staff for  domestic subsistence allowances.
  • The qualifying distance for overnight (24 hr rate) increases from 48k to 100km (or 50km in exceptional circumstances). 
  • The qualifying distance for day (5 & 10 hr rates) increases from 5km to 8km
  • The allowances are revised as follows:
Allowance Old A/B Rate New Single Rate
Overnight (24hour) 108.99/107.69 125.00
Day (over 10 hours)  33.61 33.61
Day (over 5 hours) 13.71 14.01


There are no changes to motor allowances or foreign subsistence allowances at this time.

A copy of the full circular is available  here

The increase in the overnight rate is to be welcomed, particularly given the cost of accommodation in Dublin which has proved challenging in recent times.  Staff should be aware that locations outside the 100km distance to qualify for overnight allowances potentially include Clonmel, Tipperary Town and Killarney.  Where overnights are required for locations within 100km the reason should be stated on the Leave of Absence & Travel Claims Form.

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