Notice of Policy & procedure Updates

Notice of Policy & procedure Updates

04 September, 2017

The following CIT Financial Policies and Procedures have been updated with effect from 1st September 2017:


Procurement Policy
The main change relates to the increase in limits for which quotations are required, which should reduce the amount of administration for a significant number of orders.

Purchasing Procedures
Changes relate to updating the Business Case, facility for incorporating Energy criteria into the tender as required by ISO5001, The additional of a simple flow chart to show the procurement route to be followed.

Hospitality & Entrainment Procedures
This document has been created as a stand-alone document as it is currently included in both the Purchasing and Travel procedures. 

Provision of Mobile Devices
This procedure has been reviewed and update by removing redundant sections and revising the allowance available for the standard device.


Policies and procedures can be accessed on the finance website:

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