Mobile Phone - Text Number Barring

Mobile Phone - Text Number Barring

01 December, 2019

Effective 1st December 2019 texts to or from ceratin text numbers will be barred on all connections on the Institute's Corporate Mobile Phone account.

Text to short text numbers commencing with 53XXX and 57XXX will be impacted.  These text lines are use for comeptitions and subscription text services and have either variable cost or a cost exceeding €0.80 per message sent or received.  The cost can vary and be up to €5.00 per text.

Subscriptions, Radio Stations, Competition lines etc. use these numbers and in the past a number of users have seen charges applied to their account, often without their knowledge.  We have taken this action to prevent such charges being applied to CIT's account.  

More information on premium rate telephoney services is available from ComReg 

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