Foreign Travel & Flight Bookings

Foreign Travel & Flight Bookings

06 October, 2022

Email 6th October 2022

To:  All Staff on Cork & Kerry Campuses,

With the increase in foreign travel (post Covid) it is perhaps timely to remind you of the University’s Travel & Expenses policy and specifically arrangements regarding foreign travel and flight bookings. Prior approval for all foreign travel is required, using Form T1 which includes a cost estimate for your trip.  A scan of this can be emailed to in advance.  This is used to confirm flight bookings.  

All air travel must be booked using the ETR system, without exception.

This system is supplied by our tendered travel agent and is used for:

  • Requesting flight and other travel bookings
  • For procurement compliance
  • It is part of our specific approval for travel travelling abroad (D/PER requirement)
  • It is part of the University’s crisis management response to identify staff abroad in the event of airline collapse, terrorist incident or natural disaster.
  • It provides the carbon footprint for your journey for annual reporting to SEAI
  • Records travel for insurance purposes.

There have been several instances where staff have personally booked flights or group travel or attempted to use a different travel agent and our policy does not permit this. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund these costs, irrespective of the funding source.

Whilst he ETR is mandated for flight booking, staff and students may also use the system to have accommodation booked and paid for and other travel such as rail tickets etc which can considerably reduce the outlay for a trip.  Accommodation costs are deducted from the standard subsistence allowances you and you are paid the balance.  You should however check the subsistence rates in advance to ensure it will cover the booking.

Information on travel, procedures, forms, subsistence and motor rates,  foreign travel, help on registering for the ETR and submitting a claim on Core is available on our website:  travel

If you have a query, we recommend that you contact us in advance for advice at and we will be happy to assist you.

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