T06.5 Traveller Profile Form

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Traveller Profile

All travel booked via our Travel Agents on the ETR system requires a traveller profile. This form collects basic minimum data to setup the profile. You will then receive a link to log on to our profile management system 'Umbrella' to complete the setup.

This requires additional data such as Address,Passport Number & Expiry Date, Gender, Booking Preferences. We do not have access to this data and cannot update or change it.
    • Please include name as per your passport.
    • Please include name as per your passport.
    • Staff ID is nine characters commencing with MS, Student ID is nine characters commencing with a letters eg. R, T or F
    • Please use format DD/MM/YYYY
    • This is mandatory from 1st June 2019 (IATA Resolution) to be contactable directly by airlines in relation to your booking. Use international format eg. + 353 87 1234567
    • For Staff this should be your official work email address.
    • Electronic Travel Request is the booking tool used by our travel agents Club Travel to arrange bookings for flights, hotels, rail etc. More information is available at https://finance.cit.ie/flights-and-etr
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