Accessing Agresso Web Reports

1. Logging onto Agresso (Web)

  •  Go to the Finance website
  •  Click on the Systems in the menu
  • Click on Agresso icon

2. Enter login details 

  • For security reasons, login information is not included here
  • Please contact Agresso Support if you require assistance
  • Passwords can be reset from the link below the logon screen



3. Accessing Reports

  • Once you’ve logged into AGRESSO click on Reports  from the menu on the left (highlighed below)
  • Then select the folder for your reports.  In this example we will use the My Department Reports   
  • This will allow you to access run reports whihc currently include:

W01- Budget Check (MS) or requivalent for your Area or School (normally it is the first report on the list)
W11 - Prompt Payment Interest
W30 - Transaction Listing
W32 - Open Orders


4. Budget Check / Summary


W01- Budget Check (MS)

  • In this case you are requested to enter your any Cost Centre in your Department and click the Blue Search button.
  • This will provided you with a highlevel breakdown of your Budget i.e. Capital. Travel, General Non Pay) as seen below.
  • If you require additional info on any item select the + Symbol beside capital where it will give you a more detailed breakdown.
  • Some areas have customised reports and this will replace the W01 Budget Check and is normally listed first



W03 & W04 Detailed Reports

  • The Transaction Listing / Order List will provided a detailed listing of all expenditure
  • For invoices and journals entries, you can click back to view the orginal invoices
  • For purchase orders you can view the full order details


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