Card Refunds

The CIT Smartcard is also your Student ID and is needed to access certain services, such as public printing and copying, and can also be used to pay for a range of other services including food and beverage services.

The easiest and fastest way to top up your card is to use the Smartphone App.  On the Smartphone App, you can top it up using a debit or credit card, view your balance, and see your last few transactions.

You can also check your account online which in addition to the app allows you to view your complete transaction history and also allows you to suspend your card if you lose it.  It can be reactivated in the Card Office (if you find it again).


Refunds from the card are usually only applied when the account is being permanently closed and is subject to a €10 administrative charge.  The refunded balance is paid directly to your bank account, but you will need to send a request to the Finance Office for the refund and complete the T04.8 - EFT Form.

In exceptional cases where a student may have made a top-up error, the full amount of the top-up can be reversed back to the original card it came from, but you need to contact Niall Marshall in the Finance Office at on the same day where possible to enable this transfer.  Where there is a refund of the full amount, it is not subject to an administrative fee as it is treated as a correction of an error.

The terms and conditions are included below for reference


Queries to CIT Card Office Phone : 021-4335290 Email:


Smartcard Terms & Conditions

Use of this site provided by Cork Institute of Technology is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

Use of this App provided by Cork Institute of Technology is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.
1. Your Smart Card remains the property of Cork Institute of Technology and must be produced on request by any staff of the College.
2. You are required to carry your Smart Card with you at all times while on campus grounds.
3. If your Smart Card is lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately to the Office at 021-4335290. You will be responsible for all charges to the card until the card is reported missing. A replacement card will be issued by the Institute at a charge of €15
4. Cork Institute of Technology shall not be liable for any loss, cost, damage or expense, whether physical, financial or otherwise, suffered or incurred by you in connection with, or in any way relating to the use or attempted use of your Smart Card by you or any third party.
5. Your Smart Card is for your personal use only. It is against Institute regulations to loan it to anyone.
6. Sensitive information such as Credit Card numbers and online payments are protected by a secure server and processed by a secure payment gateway called Realex. This secure software encrypts financial information provided online. It prevents anyone else reading your personal and sensitive information while your payment is being processed.
7. Cork Institute of Technology may declare an account invalid if there have been no transactions for a period of 12 months.
8. Cork Institute of Technology does not issue refunds of credit applied to the Smart Card whilst the Smart Card is active. On permanent closure of an account a refund of the balance remaining on the Smart Card may be requested, this is subject to an administrative fee of €10.
9. Funds from your Smart Card account are non-transferable to another individual's account.
10. Cork Institute of Technology reserve the right to determine hours of operation and the products and services available for purchase with your Smart Card account.

"CIT Card" Smartphone App
The CIT Card App is available for iOS and Android and allows students and staff to topup their CIT Card account. The app requests and uses your CITCard ID and password to access your account and display your balance and recent transactions. The app does not store credit/debit card details on your phone and payments are processed securely by the gateway Realex mentioned above. If you have any queries about the app please contact


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