There are a number of scholarships or bursaries available to students.  These include undergraduate bursaries covering the costs of fees, the Institute's Risam Scholarships for PhD students; and many research grants and projects will include provisions for student scholarships, costs of fees and/or a monthly bursary.  These can be advertised internally to eligible candidates or externally.  Further information is available here

All monthly scholarship payments are processed though the Finance Office and require some standard documentation.  In general to be eligible for a scholarship, you must be in full-time education with the programme of study or research being your main activity.  If it complies with certain conditions, the scholarship is not subject to income taxes, PRSI, USC etc.  Any application for the exemption must accompany your doucmentation. Please note that income assessed as being exempt from income tax is still required to be reported annually to the Revenue Commissioners with your PPS number and the Institute files this return.


Setting up a Scholarship Payment

The Project Manager / Co-ordinator should complete the Student Scholarship Form (Form T05.6) and submit the form to the Finance Office indicating the value and period of the scholarship.

The Student should complete the following two forms and return them to the Project Manager / Co-ordinator to attach them to the Student Scholarship Form mentioned above.   These are the Scholarship Tax Exemption Declaration Form (Form R01.1) and the EFT Bank Details (Form T04.10).



Monthly scholarship payments are paid on or before the last Friday of each month, with the exception of December, where they are paid before the Christmas break.


Queries to Susan O'Halloran,  Ext. 5354


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