Decision Time

Decision Time (formerly Minuetpad) is a board level paperless meeting system.  It provides email notifications, agendas and related papers for meetings.  It allows attendee to make notes, highlight and bookmark item of interest.  These are only visible to person who has made teh notes unless they specifcially wish to share them.

Access to the is provided via a web link and this is included in the meeting notifications.

Some short video tutorials are available to assiet users and these video are alos available in the help section of the application.

A new featur available in the latest version (September 2019) is  to make a meeting available offline.  If you click on the Meeting Options button on the top right of the Agenda View, you'll notice an 'Make Available Offline' option. This is very useful for when you need to access the meeting pack and don't have an internet connection.


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